NYTimes Best Picture Books for 2010

NYTimes 10 best picture books

 In time for holiday gift buying, three editors at the New York Times have published their choices for the ”top 10″ picture books of 2010.

The New York Times published excellent synopses for each book, here.

I especially like Busing Brewster, which tells the story of integration in a very respectful and touching way; Children Make Terrible Pets, which is funny and lovely; and most surprising of all was Shadow, because it opens horizontally and doesn’t have any words… and is a bit creepy, actually (wouldn’t have thought so from the cover, eh?) On the top of each double-page spread in Shadow is a girl holding everyday objects – on the bottom are their shadows. The shadows start to take on lives of their own, eventually coming up into the top page, while the girl is forced down into the bottom page… by a wolf, actually. Anyway, she wins, so it’s all right. A Sick Day for Amos McGee is one of those books that you think is already a classic – it’s a story of a man who visits the zoo every day and then when he get the flu they animals come to visit him. It’s nice.


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