A “Bone”… novel?!

Jacket cover: Bone - Quest for the SparkTake a dash of something kids like… and add a dash of something parents like… and you’ve got Bone, the novel.

The Bone series by Jeff Smith has long been an enormous hit with kids. At our elementary school library, we have tons of copies of each one of them and we can’t keep ‘em shelved (I know, because I help do the shelving.)

The kids are nutty about Bone. Me, not so much. While I respect the plain fact that something that’s that popular with kids has to be on to something, I find Bone kind of hard to get into. But that’s probably good (for me, and for Bone) since I’m not the target audience.

Yesterday, however, Nikole from Scholastic sent me something really neat. A Bone chapter book. It’s called Quest for the Spark and it’s a full-length novel – 216 pages – with one or two colour illustrations per chapter. Book one of a trilogy, in Quest for the Spark, “something evil has poisoned the Dreaming and is now invading the Waking World.” (From Scholastic’s media release – I haven’t read it yet, I just got it. Plus, I’m still reading Lucia. For, like, the fifth time.)

Since kids are already hooked on Bone, there’s a huge likelihood that they’ll read the novel.

Something they like plus something we parents like. Bonus! (See what I did there? Bone? Bonus?)


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